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Saturday, 20 January 2001

Our first SKP-expedition results!

We safely returned from a fantastic, two week exploration journey on Soqotra. The island is really incredible and the discoveries are very rewarding:
We discovered gigantic cave systems (approx.10km) of which we mapped more than 8km in detail (with only two tape-measurer's of 20m each?!?).
We found an underground waterfall (approx. 4 l/s) under the dry and barren Deksam-plateau. This certainly opens possibilities for new freshwater resources.
We took biological samples for further research at the University of Ghent (Labo of Ecology) and abroad. One cave revealed some potentially interesting archaeological remains. We will tell you more about this subject later.
Again, many thanks to all members of the EPC and Biodiversity Project in Soqotra and in Sana’a and to all sponsors, volunteers, friends and family who made this expedition possible!