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Monday, 18 March 2002

Caution: who claimed what?

This month we received some astonishing news by several independent Belgian newspapers about archaeological discoveries made by the team of Axell Communication, while the pictures shown are the wooden tablet, pottery and wall paintings found by our team one year earlier? We cleared out these very touchy subjects and everything seemed to be one big misunderstanding. A very good lesson for our team and we will be much more cautious next time! The film team, together with Prof. Dr. Christian Robin and John Farrar did found more relics in the studied cave: fossilised footprints of adults and children at the end of the cave, more writing which seems to be pre-Arabic, East-African and pre-Indian. Now we can safely say that during the first centuries AD, there must have been a wealthy trade route by sea between the African and Asian continent, bypassing Soqotra Island... SKP will sort this out to the bottom of it!