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Monday, 29 April 2002

TV coverage: setting things straight!

Thanks to Chris Butnaru we had a splendid course of GPS and the integration of the data with new software possibilities. Next expedition every subteam will work with his daily set of tracks and waypoint. We are currently searching for the original maps of Soqotra. Is there anybody out there who can help us?
In the beginning of this month Rik and I went together with a camera team of the national Belgian television to the Netherlands. Here we met Dr. Prof. Emeritus Sanders of the University of Leiden, a specialist in early Christianity in the Middle East. He gave his view on the artefacts founds on the island and the film crew made their report. Everything was edited at the VRT (Flemish Radio and Television) and we got a copy of this 7min.42sec. during documentary. We will keep you informed on when it will be broadcasted.
We where also invited by the Dutch Caving Society to give a lecture and to present our film about SKP at their annual meeting in Zeeland (The Netherlands).