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Sunday, 16 February 2003

Congratulations to our 10.000th website visitor!

The first pictures are burned on CD-rom and the first surveys are drawn in pencil... time to come together. You will find some secured pictures on our web-site, but the surveys will not be published on-line anymore to prevent abuse.
The website of John is updated, you can find the link at our link page!
We just welcomed our 10.000th visitor, congratulations! Most people search through Google and visitors come from Europe (Belgium 53%, UK 7%, The Netherlands 6,5%, Italy 3,2%, France 2,7%,...), North America (12%), Asia (United Arabian Emirates 1,1%, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Yemen each 0,4%), Australia (0,7%), Africa (South Africa 0,3%) and 2,1% remains of an unknown origin!