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Monday, 31 January 2005

UNIQUE Collectors Item

UNIQUE Collectors Item: Our project and website seems to be a source of inspiration to writers. Last year a Science Adventure, titled: "Pirates, Bats, and Dragons" written by the American Prof. M. Davis and illustrated by William Simpson came out. It's a story about 3 young scientists who organise an expedition to the Soqotran cave systems. We contacted Mike Davis, who kindly told us our project had been an inspiration for him and offered all core SKP members a free copy. Thanks Mike, it's a real adventurous story! For more, information just click on the picture of the book below. If Hollywood should shows any interest, just send an e-mail first.
More reliable Tsunami news in coming in: between 40 and 80 fishing boats are destroyed and one child drowned near Qalansiya. Below some satellite imagery which demonstrates how "lucky" the Soqotri were, not being hit by a high(er) energy wave. Also take a look at the Friends of Soqotra website (see links).