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Saturday, 29 December 2007

SKP9, ready to set new limits...

Today the SKP9 team is ready to tackle the deepest and already longest caves on Soqotra.
The complex and labyrinthic Difshelei cave and fairly straightforward Giniba Cave.

Both caves have a rather difficult and intreaging genesis, which is not related to the actual drainage of the systems! Hopefully we obtain more insights to start to understand the karst development on the Island in a geological point of view?

Inch Allah!

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

SKP9 is finalising the preparations

Evenings of planning the logistics, preparing and training the team is coming to an happy end.
The last meeting was held tonight, just before the lift off, of SKP9.
Everyone is more than motivated and really enthousiastic, as limits are set to break.
Just received the image here in my mailbox in Dubai, sad that I can't enjoy a Belgian trappist Rochefort beer, as on this occasion, it is the only rectified beverage to drink!