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Friday, 20 June 2008

Time to update and inform all!

Dear readers,

After many changes on different levels, it's time to "revive" our Socotra Karst Project (SKP) informative blog. We just explored and mapped the longest cave of the Middle East (all details next month), presented the initial Dutch version of our expedition film: "Mystery Island" and started up the last run to finalize our Dbases. Just to mention that we're still alive!

First issue is an update of this blog, which can be seen as the "Hot News" of our website. The latter will be tackled later on.


Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Film and media news

The new documentary film "Eiland vol mysteries" (= Mystery Island) about our SKP-related adventures between 2000-2008 is a fact. There probably will come an English version of it, but when exactly remains a bit uncertain, we'll keep you informed.
Although probably not immediately readable, I do provide the direct media links: click here and here.