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Thursday, 15 October 2009

December 2009

Exactly 10 years ago the SKP was inaugurated; reason enough to celebrate the occasion. More info soon.


20/11/2009: SKP-gathering for data processing to prepare a sequel SKP2005-2009 report. Also a renewed general website and the gentle preparations for SKP10 will be discussed.

Dvipa Sukhadhara: The forgotten Island of Bliss

08/11/2009: Julian Jansen van Rensburg will lecture on “Dvipa Sukhadhara: The forgotten Island of Bliss”
at the Ancient Indian Ocean Corridors: placing coastal and island south Asia in their broader Indian Ocean context a joint UCL - University of Oxford conference, to be held at the School of Archaeology, Oxford. All details at:

The Indian inscriptions from the cave Hoq on Socotra

31/10/2009: Dr Ingo Strauch will give a lecture, titled “Indian traders between Africa and South-Arabia: The Indian inscriptions from the cave Hoq on Socotra” at the collaborative workshop Global Geographies: the Indian Ocean in Historical Perspective, organized jointly by the British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA) and the British Association for South Asian Studies (BASAS) at the Royal Asiatic Society, 14 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD. More details here.